Obesity Linked to Several Serious Health Conditions

Many people often feel that being a few pounds overweight is not a big deal. The truth is that having an extra two to five pounds really isn't cause for concern. However, if you are more than fifteen to twenty pounds overweight, you could be considered obese and something should be done about it. The fact is that obesity is linked to several serious health conditions.

One of the most common problems among obese individuals is heart disease. As most that have accumulated extra weight have done so by eating foods that are high in fat, it is not surprising that their cholesterol is high and their arteries partially blocked. Heart disease is common among overweight individuals, but by simply losing the weight, the individual can get control over their health.

Another disadvantage of obesity for women is the fact that it can increase risk factors for uterine cancer. If you are over the age of fifty, have others in your family line that have had uterine cancer, and you have high amounts of body fat, your own risk for this type of cancer will increase.

Of course, there are many other disadvantages of being overweight, including low self-esteem. Anyone that is suffering from being overweight may find themselves lacking the self-confidence to live the life they have always wanted to. The only way to get around these types of problems is to either lose the weight or accept themselves for the way they are; the latter is often the hardest thing to accomplish. The fact is that most people know they can lose the weight. It is a simple matter of knowing how to do it the right way.

If you are obese and are worried about your health, you are not alone. The number of obese Americans is at an all-time high and most of these individuals are at risk for some serious health problems, including heart disease and various cancers. If you are unhappy with your current level of health and need to shed a few pounds, think about all of the advantages you will gain by losing weight. Not only will you be healthier, but you will also be a happier and more confident individual.