Menstrual Periods

Problems with Periods

Approximately once a month, women experience their menstrual cycles. It comes with bleeding for several days, and it causes many women to experience painful cramps. In the days leading up to the menstrual period, many women experience premenstrual syndrome, which is also known as PMS. PMS can cause mood swings, irritability, general lethargy, and other unpleasant symptoms. While it's rare to find a woman who looks forward to her period, there are some more serious issues that can be associated with menstruation.

Many women do experience some sort of crampimg during their periods. However, if the cramping is so severe that the woman is practically unable to move, then she should see a gynecologist. A number of over-the-counter medications exist to help with cramps and other side effects of periods. When the pain is really bad though, prescription medication may have to be recommended. Birth control can also assist individuals with their cramps and help to keep them on a more regular schedule.

Some women also experience prolonged periods. It's unusual for a period to last more than a week. Also, having a period that lasts up to a week is quite lengthy. Prolonged periods are annoying because the woman has to have her guard up for a longer than normal, but they can also be an indication of an underlying medical problem. Heavy menstrual periods are another issue for which women need to be on the lookout. It's normal to have a heavy couple or few days throughout the period. During those specific days, ladies will likely need to change their pads or tampons more frequently than usual. However, a woman should not be bleeding through them in just a couple of hours on a regular basis. This is a problem that should get checked out soon because it is an issue that might be causing the woman to lose too much blood on a regular basis.

Whenever a woman suspects that there is a problem with her menstrual cycle, she really needs to consult with a gynecologist. Only these professionals can give an exact diagnosis. The problem could be severe such as uterine cancer, therefore early detection is important. It may also be something that is fixable without a lot of complications at all. Regular gynecologist visits are strongly recommended for all women, especially those who are sexually active.